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Hobby Color Converter

This application helps you to find equivalences between colors of different brand paints used in model kits, dioramas and historical or fantasy miniature painting. It also is useful as a complete color chart. You can mark paints you own so you can control your paint stock and also you can add paints to your own shopping list!!Equivalences and color images are obtained directly from the manufacturer and there are approximate.

Tap the app logo button, select a brand, select a range, then select a color and you will view a list of equivalences. Tapping "Calculate" you can access more equivalences than the ones provided by the brands. Find color equivalences between: Tamiya, Revell, Humbrol, Vallejo, Gunze Sangyo, Citadel, Testors, AK Interactive, Ammo Mig, The Army Painter, Scale75, Mission Models, Hataka, Italeri, Federal Standard, RAL, RLM

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